“Touch” by Korean Artist Yang Se Eun / Zipcy
You Breathed Out So Warm, And I Couldn’t Help But Lose My Mind

When you like someone, there are so many ways in which that affection can be expressed. But, physical intimacy is one of the most delicate, yet passionate and powerful parts of a relationship. Yang Se Eun, or Zipcy, is a Korean artist from Seoul and her project “Touch” is a beautiful series of drawings that show the intimate moments of a new couple who are irresistibly in love.

The first time you hold someone’s hand, the first time you kiss their lips, the first time you feel their skin against yours, the first time you feel their breath against your neck… the moments are countless and intense.

Citing “excessive emotional sensitivity” as a source of artistic inspiration the artist explores the intimacy of a couple deeply in love. Not only are they beautiful to look at, but they also perfectly illustrate the sacred and sweet emotions that are shared between the two.

It shows that huge, extravagant acts of love aren’t needed to convey how deep a couple’s love is, and that a simple touch is sometime all that’s needed.

The “Touch” is a series by her which captures those sweet and intimate moments of her relationship. You can also follow her work on her website, Facebook, and Instagram.

His Scent Was Like Burying My Face In The Afternoon Pillow Filled With Sunshine. I Wanted To Suddenly Hold Him
Sound Of Your Breath Between The Rain
Still, No Idea Why I Love Touching Your Skin More Than Mine
Touching My Ear With A Deep Voice, Your Lips Were Much Softer And More Peculiar Than I Ever Imagined
My Heart Was Tickling When His Fingertips Touched My Hair
It Is Never Only A Physical Contact, Nor A Friction, But, In The Very Moment, It Is Something More- Gives You A Crush, Takes You High, Blows Your Mind, And Makes You Float Around
I Remember The Moment Your Floating Gaze Landed On Me For The First Time
All Love Begins With A Gaze
That Moment Of Mysterious Sensations
If Only I Could Carry This Softness For Good
When Her Hand Locked In With Mine Airtight
Just About To Hold Hands, The Thrill Of Feeling His Fingers Sliding Between Mine
Your Scent…
Just Comb My Hair. I Felt As If Each Strand Of My Hair Subtly Revived Its Senses
Your Scent And A Sunny Afternoon