The Mysterious Building at 33 Thomas Street in NYC

There have been some wild rumors circulating around the internet about the Long Lines Building – the tall, completely windowless concrete building located at 33 Thomas St. in Manhattan. The 167.5 meter tall skyscaper is an example of the Brutalist architectural style with its flat concrete slab facade. And it has no windows.

At first glance, 33 Thomas Street appears as though it may be the headquarters for the Men in Black. It’s an impenetrable fortress. Constructed in 1974 and designed by architect John Carl Warnecke, 33 Thomas Street was built to withstand the fallout from a nuclear blast for up to two weeks – making it one of the most impregnable structures in the United States.

Recently it gained a little bit of attention after actor Tom Hanks ignited new speculation over the bizarre structure. The Manhattan skyscraper could easily be regarded as the most terrifying building in the world. Conspiracy theories were rampant about the building after the Apollo 13 star posted a tweet to his more than 13 million followers asking what was up with it. “This is the scariest building I’ve ever seen! What goes on inside??”

From the building’s inception until 1999, it served as a gargantuan telephone switchboard for AT&T Long Lines, the company’s long distance service. In its prime, 33 Thomas Street used to direct around 175 million calls per day. But just prior to the turn of the millenium, AT&T vacated the building and moved its facilities to their current headquarters at 32 Avenue of the Americas. Today, the goings-on inside the skyscraper are shrouded in mystery, some say that the NSA may be running things inside.

But the most common belief is that 33 Thomas Street operates as a colocation centre, offering space for companies to securely house data and equipment. The building’s exterior makes it less susceptible to terrorism or weather related incidents and without windows, the temperature inside the building is easy to maintain. But just watch the following clip and make up your own mind on what is going on inside the most terrifying building in the world 😉