The Unbelievably Cute and Fluffy Cakes by Susanne Ng

A home-grown baking enthusiast has gained worldwide fame for her elaborate-looking chiffon confections that look like they belong more in a toy shop than in a kitchen. The 37-year-old Singapore native Susanne Ng bakes these chiffon cakes. Her particular style of chiffon cake is so whimsical and “fluffy” looking, though, that they look more like stuffed animals than cakes at first glance.

As a stay-at-home-mom, Ng finds baking inspiration in an unlikely place: the floor of her children’s room. From teddy bears to smiling cupcakes, many of her charming creations are modeled after the dolls and plush toys collected by her kids. The ardent baker and mother of three uses chiffon cakes to build stunning creations. Yes, she has created a three-dimensional eight-inch version of Snorlax, a three-tier Tarepanda cream cheese cake and a Gudetama pink lemonade cake, all using chiffon cakes.

The idea to start experimenting with chiffon cakes for cute character cakes was inspired by her little ones. Ng pointed out that “they (chiffon cakes) are much healthier than fondant, being much lower in sugar. The soft, light texture is much more popular with kids — they can finish it in no time as compared to hard fondant,” she shared. Ng credits her background as a biomedical engineer for her precise, symmetrical designs. “I think I take a scientific approach to baking, in terms of studying, understanding and then controlling the patterns and processes,” she said. “For every creation I make, I try to challenge myself to create something new.”

Ng’s cakes take just as long to create as you might imagine: about 16 hours. First, of course, there’s the matter of actually baking them. For the teddy bear, the cake is baked in many different molds for all the different parts of the bear, and it must be cooled completely before being assembled. Cooling and baking alone takes nearly half a day. After assembly, small details, including flower buds and eyes, are sculpted from large sheets of cake and “glued” on using melted chocolate. Almost too cute to eat!