The Grado PS2000e

Grado headphones are synonymous with big drivers and sublime sound. Grado Labs, the family-owned headphone manufacturer out of Brooklyn, NY, recently released its first new flagship pair of headphones in over a decade, the PS2000e. Designed with over 60 years of craftsmanship and family input. The specially-made headphone is said to be the finest headphone Grado has ever built.

Grado has been working on these headphones for more than two years. During that time, they perfected a driver design for the headphones that results in crisp, rich, pure sound. The PS2000e headphones are designed with a metal and maple hybrid inner chamber that’s housed in a smoke chrome shell. The combination helps eliminate ringing and distortions. The diaphragm of its drivers has been redesigned “to more accurately render the signal into music,” according to the company.

“When I first started at Grado I wanted new releases to always be happening, but I’ve learned from my dad two fundamental powers, quality and patience,” says Jonathan Grado. “It’s been a decade since we last built a new flagship but I knew there was no reason to rush out a new one. Waiting has afforded us the opportunity to try new things, like using Maple, and combining all our learnings into the PS2000e to make a headphone that truly represents our heritage.”

Every part of the PS2000e, from the wood and metal core, to the smoked chrome shell, to the leather padded headband, is crafted by hand in Grado Labs’ Brooklyn workshop, blurring the line between high-quality audio equipment and luxury woodworking. The PS2000e is available now for $2,695.

Here is a quick insight into the family business from Brooklyn.