Extravagant Gold Leaf Matcha Ice Cream from Japan

Around 40% of Japan’s cultivated tea areas lie in the picturesque fields of the Shizuoka Prefecture. Here a famous tea produce, Oyaizu Seicha, is offering a spectacular treat to its customers right now – a range of high-quality matcha gelato covered in gold leaf!

Visitors who travel from Tokyo to Kyoto on the Shinkansen pass through Shizuoka on the way, and while many wouldn’t think to stop off at this mid-point, there’s now a good reason to, because a local green tea producer is offering up this spectacular treat.

Customers can get a taste of 7 different flavors at Oyaizu Seicha: Classic Rich Matcha, Creamy Matcha Latte, Fresh Honyama Green Tea, Floral Jasmine Tea, Darjeeling Tea, Roasted Green Tea and Rum Raisin, and Rich Vanilla. Of these flavors, Classic Rich Matcha is by far the most popular, and has been the one to be given the honor of being topped with a lavish layer of gold leaf coating. Now, the “Gold-leaf Matcha” is being offered as an extravagant, refreshing summertime treat for an affordable price of $8.

Like much of the gold leaf used around the world, the gold leaf used for this extra special gelato is produced in Kanazawa. Since gold leaf is flavorless, the generous coating adds an extravagant touch to this Italian-style ice cream without affecting its delicious taste of bittersweet goodness. The company believes that eating gold will give you a comfortable feeling. It is also believed to vitalize the left brain and is good for the heart.