Awkward Everyday Life by Yamada Zenjidou
When you feel guilty for taking forever to order, only to choose the most unadventurous dish on the menu. (I’ll have ramen, please…)

It’s a given that life has a bottomless stock of awkward moments for us to experience. But we tend to forget that we’re all human, and a lot of what we go through are relatable to the vast majority of people just trying to live their lives. A Japanese illustrator who goes by the pseudonym Yamada Zenjidou, creates these simple yet adorable illustrations that depict that very moment when things get awkward.

Yamada’s draws his illustrations in an anachronistic ukiyo-e woodblock print-style and accompanies them with relatable haikus written next to them. Though a web designer by day, in his free time the Fukuoka-based artist conjures up his alter ego Yamada Zenjidou, a haiku poet from the Bakumatsu-Meiji period living in a modernized society. Using the voice of Yamada, he creates artwork reminiscent of traditional Japanese art that humorously reflects on the everyday woes of current times.

That feeling of disappointment when you think you found a stylish cafe, only to discover that it’s a beauty salon.
When you highlight everything and can’t figure out which parts are important.
When you really want to taste that sample but you try to act uninterested.
When a friend comes over and you hide all your self-improvement books.
When you feel dejected after hearing your recorded voice for the first time.
When someone is giving you a passionate lecture, but you can’t stop looking at the eyelash on their cheek.
When you realize dogs have zero clue of what’s happening during their birthday celebrations.
When you make punny jokes to your pun-loving superior, only to have him smile pityingly back at you.
When you check out your reflection only to find someone on the other side.
When the ones who “don’t care” about the party come dressed to kill.

Yamada’s vast collection of relatable illustrations is a work of 4 years in the making. You can follow him on Twitter or on Instagram.