Japanese Playground Equipment At Night By Kito Fujio

Ever since Kito Fujio quit his job as an office worker to become a freelance photographer, he has been exploring every possible nook and corner around Japan looking for unusual playground equipment.

The sculptural, cement-molded play equipment is often modeled after animals that children would be familiar with. But they also take on the form of robots, abstract geometric forms and sometimes even household appliances. Every sculptural play set in Fujio’s photographs is shown at night, devoid of human life, and dramatically lit from above. Very little is shown of the surrounding environment. So each strange slide appears as a singular object without many indications of scale.

The nostalgic cement molds have been ubiquitous throughout Japan and, for the most part, free of safety concerns. That’s because the cement requires almost no maintenance; maybe just a fresh coat of paint every few years.

via [spoon&tamago] all images by Kito Fujio