The Apocalypse Of Pop Culture By Filip Hodas

Filip Hodas, AKA Hoodass, is a freelance 3D artist from Prague, Czech Republic, who does surreal and mind-bending renderings that are truly out of this world. For his new series he explores the modern ruins of pop culture, creating post-apocalyptic landscapes populated by vestiges of video games, series or junk food.

It’s pretty common to discount pop culture as something lacking in creativity or even worthless, but there’s no denying that good examples of pop culture can be an endless source of inspiration. His series of decaying pop culture icons, such as Pac Man, Playstation, Hello Kitty, Happy Meal or the Game Boy, provide us with a creepy glimpse into an alternative dystopian future.

Since 2015 Filip started to invest his time into programs like World Machine, Cinema 4D and Octane, which then allowed him to transfer his imaginative alien worlds into pictures, but now he is shifting his focus to pop culture and some key artifacts, which become the centerpieces of his works. Discover the rest of his creations on Behance or Instagram.