Art History in Contemporary Life by Alexey Kondakov

Classical art meets modern-day drudgery in artist Alexey Kondakov‘s ongoing series “Art History in Contemporary Life”. Mashups between classical art and modern day life never seem to go out of fashion. For the past two years, Kondakov has been delighting his fans by expertly Photoshopping figures from classical art into modern-day photos. Kondakov uses his own photographs of urban Kiev as a backdrop for gods, angels, and other figures from classical paintings which look like they’re joining your daily commute.

The figures effortless merge with their present day surroundings, two women looking perfectly bored flipping through comic books in the back of a dusty book store. The series creates an overall interesting and playful new context for the classical artworks, that one would usually find in high profile exhibitions and museums. The fusion of Bouguereau’s Song of the Angels with an empty subway car is among our favorite in the series.

The idea originally came to Kondakov while working with a classical painting that depicts a group of nymphs offering wine and fruit to Bacchus, the Roman god of wine. “Looking at this picture, I reflected on the fact that the lives of people from the past were not so distant from our own lives,” remembers Kondakov. “They too enjoyed spending time drinking wine, talking… that’s when I got the idea to put these characters into a modern setting.”

They somehow look like they belong there, their forlorn expressions and sad demeanours matching the modern decay of the urban environment. If you want to get to know the artist, see more of his creations, or follow along as the ongoing series continues to evolve, check out Alexey’s website or give him a follow on Instagram.