Magical Collages by Kelly Maker

Australian photographer and artist Kelly Maker creates gorgeous mixed media collages series with her own signature styles. Best known for her paper collages, Kelly uses inspiring fashion and swimwear editorials where she cuts out the models and replaces the original backgrounds with book pages or glittery patterns.

Entirely self taught, Kelly has cultivated a unique and recognisable form of digital manipulation she calls ‘edits’. Her work encompasses a collage style, made by hand and digitally, she has worked for various companies and influencers to create eye catching content, launching her into the art scene of Australia and abroad in under a year.

Combining models with books, her Instagram account shows the most beautiful faces of our time as they glide through the pages of faded novels and douse their perfect bodies in illuminated glitter. Gigi Hadid, Sahara Ray, Emily Ratajkowski and many more seem to take on new life through Maker’s illustrations.