The Blue Journey by Gabriel Isak

Every day we have to face personal, professional responsibilities, obligations and other duties. The solitude becomes paradoxically agonizing. Are we allowed to do nothing, stop us, stand still? The Swedish photographer Gabriel Isak rests the eternal question of the meaning of life and personality through a series of enigmatic shots with minimal aesthetics. It places at the core of our lives the introspective practice against social and digital slavery, and points the finger at the infinite beauty of every second of solitude.

In The Blue Journey, I invite the viewer to enter a dream world, where solitude is more than just being alone. It is a world of soul searching and dream interpretation, spun from a web of psychological states, which is filled with stimulating knowledge and energy of the self. Solitary figures are concealed in surreal sceneries, depicting their internal world, which symbolizes our own unconscious states.

Swedish photographer Gabriel Isak turned a bleak period of his life into a compelling series of images called The Blue Journey. Stemming from a bout with depression, Gabriel uses minimalist themes and dark symbolism in this series to document the internal and external world we live in. Inspiration for the images arose from his observations of negative emotions and isolation. In The Blue Journey, he photographs anonymous figures in expansive landscapes that allow his audience to envision themselves as the subject – alone in this quiet blue world.

All images by Gabriel Isak