Technicolor Gradient Basketball Court by Pigalle in Paris
© Sébastien Michelini

In a unique collaboration between French fashion brand Pigalle and design agency Ill-Studio, the Paris Duperré basketball court was recently redesigned and repainted with a vibrant new color scheme. After being completely renovated by Pigalle and Nike in 2015, the now famous Parisian playground on rue Duperré, just a stone’s throw from Place Pigalle in the 9th arrondissement of Paris, today unveils its new look.

The riotous new design blares strong geometrics in a primary palette of blue, yellow, and red, and takes its inspiration from Sportsmen, a 1930s oil painting by Russian artist Kasimir Malevich that depicted color-blocked human forms. The rubber court surface blends from blue at the ends to pink in the centre, while gradients have also been applied to the surrounding walls. Backboards made from translucent pink plastic were added, while the playing area and zones are marked out in white.

“Through this new court, we wish to explore the relationship between sport, art and culture and its emergence as a powerful socio-cultural indicator of a period in time,” said the team. “The anatomy of the human body as well as its performances have had a lifelong relationship with art. Since the legacy of Greek and Roman antiquity, sport is represented as a dominant idea within the beauty of an era.”

A superb creation that surely grants the title of most beautiful basketball court in Paris!

Images by Alex Penfornis