Nike’s New World Headquarters in NYC

Over the last year, Nike has been making a move to more closely align itself with New York City. The company, which, for so long has been most closely associated with Oregon, where it was founded, has been looking east. Now Nike has opened its brand new New York City headquarters, creating a hub for Nike in New York City as well as the Eastern U.S.

Designed by Nike’s Workplace Design + Connectivity (WD+C) team in partnership with Studios Architecture, the luxe New York City Nike headquarters occupies a sprawling 147,000-square-foot, six-storey office space. Nike believes its new headquarters, NYHQ, as it has appropriately been dubbed, will drive its global initiative to add resources in influential sports and fashion hubs around the world.

“Our overarching idea was looking at sport through the lens of New York City,” explained Matthew Kneller, Director of North American Communications at Nike. “We’ve highlighted amazing New York sports moments and Nike athletes through graphics, image, illustration, color, typography, and space.” To that end, they brought in a team of design collaborators, including some from New York, such Dark Igloo, a graphic design firm. Much of the furniture was made close to home, in Brooklyn, with such brands as UHURU Design.”

The 147,000-square foot-space will include “freestyle” offices, wellness rooms, food and beverage areas, a library, two terraces, a fitness studio, and a basketball court (of course). The sixth-floor terrace features the likeness of a Nike ‘swoosh’ planted into the terrace with Sedum. The company’s global headquarters and North America headquarters will remain in Oregon.

Nike Headquarters (NYC)
855 6th Ave
New York, NY