The World’s First Graphene Headphones

The ORA GQ Headphones deliver the most groundbreaking audio listening experience, according to their inventors. They’re world’s first set of headphones to employ Graphene nanotechnology to make your plugged-in noise sound so much sweeter.

Graphene is a carbon compound 1000 times lighter than paper and 200 times stronger than steel, making it an ideal material for high-performance audio applications. ORA, a canadian startup consisting of scientists, engineers and entrepreneurs alike, have utilised the material to built high-performance membranes. The incorporation of graphene into speaker design pushes the limits of loudspeakers, a technology that has seen little innovation since its invention in 1921.

The GQ Headphones come equipped with ORA’s patented GrapheneQ™ membranes, providing unparalleled fidelity. The headphones also offer all the features you would expect from a high-end audio product: wired/wireless operation, a gesture control track-pad, breathable lambskin leather and an ear-shaped design optimized for sound quality and isolated comfort. For now, the GQ will be ORA Sound’s flagship product, and while it is offering it for half off to early backers, and currently noting a retail price of about $600. For more details check out their kickstarter page.