Conversation by Photographer Wonjun Jeong

On the way to work, on the subway and in the supermarket we encounter strangers everyday. Their faces fly past us and we forget them as fast as we walk by them. The ephemeral photo project “Conversation” by the Korean photographer Wonjun Jeong captures this moment and puts it into an artistic scene.

“The photography project Conversation is a journey that begins from concerns of acquaintances, eventually finding oneself in the process. In the photographs, the space becomes the world where one encounter the Other, and the cloth tossed into the air becomes the medium that draws out one’s relationship with Other. Other, as an unsubstantial light flashed into space, actualises when the visage materialises onto the aimlessly tossed cloth, and one’s act of capturing the moment signifies one’s conversation with the Other. One finds one’s essence through Other, not just an illusion of light, but as a real existent materialised on a white cloth.”

Conversation is a very poetic project by Wonjun Jeong and Sailors Studio. They projected portraits on white fabric thrown into the air. The results are magical, giving rise to ghostly apparitions in the night sky.

All images by Wonjun Jeong