Galaxy Gates is a Colorful Psychedelic Trip

Galaxy Gates” is a fascinating macro video produced by Oilhack and Thomas Blanchard, who spent 4 months filming ink, oil, paint and other colored liquids in 4K.

You mix color, soaps and oil, and you get something so beautiful that you cannot even grasp it. Together Oilhack and Blanchard shot the video, in which the combination of materials plays the leading role, and these guys somehow manage to push the envelope quite a bit into an entirely new realm of visual experimentation. Truly psychedelic, the color layers mix, tear open, and form abstract forms, only to be dissolved and reassembled.

“First, paints are mixed, then they are “opened”, a specific process that we have worked out while on a trip in Japan.”, the duo described.

The soap ensures that different color particles are always turn back into with spheres, which look like undiscovered planets. The video is only a good two minutes, but Blanchard and Oilhack used only two percent of the footage they shot. The two French artists have already made a few similar films. Their collaboration is called We Are Colorful.