Amazing Observation Tower in Denmark by EFFEKT

The Treetop Experience is a new and unique experience destination. The architecture studio EFFEKT has released plans for a 600 meter long treetop walkway connected to a 45 meter tall, spiralling observation tower with a 360 degree view over the beautiful forest canopy.

The Treetop Experience observation tower is nestled in the luscious forest that is characterized by a hilly landscape, rare to the region, with several natural elements such as lakes, creeks and wetlands. The winding path leading up the observation tower will be made from timber from the surrounding forest, and weathering steel will be used for the structure. Easily accessible, anyone will be able to enjoy the spectacular views from the top of the tower.

The treetop walk is divided into a higher and lower walkway with the former located in the oldest parts of the forest, while the latter is situated in the forest’s younger areas. The walk begins at Camp Adventure Farmhouse and is punctuated with educational features and activities such as an aviary, suspended amphitheater, walkway loops for tree observation, and a variety of viewpoints. The whole structure is built to allow people to appreciate nature, so the architects were very careful in designing a path that accommodates the trees and natural geography of the area, so that there would be minimal disturbance to the surrounding forest.

The new Treetop Experience will be part of Camp Adventure, an existing sports facility with treetop climbing paths and aerial zip lines. The camp is located in the preserved forest of Gisselfeld Klosters Skove in Denmark, approx. one hour south of Copenhagen.

All images by EFFEKT