The Marc Newson Hourglass for Hodinkee

Esoteric and mesmeric are two words industrial designer Marc Newson uses to describe his new collaborative product with HODINKEE, an hourglass.

One of the most influential contemporary designers Marc Newson had a hand in all possible spheres – from the sofas to the Apple Watch, from clothing G-Star Raw to the cockpit.

The hourglass is 150mm tall and 125mm across at the widest point. It contains 1,249,996 tiny copper balls that measure just 0.6mm in diameter, and measures precisely 10 minutes. The sounds produced along the way mimic a lush rainstorm. It’s a multi-sensory reimagining of a classic timepiece. The unit has been produced in a limited edition of 100, at $12,000 a piece.

“It is perhaps one of the most fundamental objects in the world of timekeeping, and arguably one of the oldest, but I love the fact that it is so sort of deeply esoteric, and it has this strange and mesmeric quality,” Newson says.

To reimagine the nostalgic with a luxuriant infusion, as they have done here, should appeal to anyone with an appreciation of time and design.