Kowloon Wasted Youth by Photographer Andreas Demeter

Kowloon Wasted Youth is a photography series by Andreas Demeter, a German photographer, DJ, music producer, and art director currently based in Hong Kong. Shot on 35mm analog film without the use of any postproduction, the series is a visual diary of moments from the artist’s life, shot between 2016 and 2017.

“With this selection of images I want to give a glimpse into the odd beauty, seductive charm and harsh contrasts below the shiny surface of this hopelessly overpopulated post-colonial melting pot of eastern and western culture that likes to dub itself “Asia’s World City”. A term that is being scoffed at by the local youth of today in a time of Weltschmerz and political uncertainty, grasping for freedom and autonomy, while being forced to give in to the slow and sneaky erosion of hypercapitalism disguised as communism from the Great Motherland of China.”, Demeter says about the series.

The Kowloon peninsula encompasses the northern part of Hong Kong, on the mainland across Victoria Harbour. It is sometimes referred to as the “dark side” by visitors, being less sterile and somewhat more chaotic, while her counterpart, Hong Kong island, dominates with shiny bank towers, spotless sidewalks and a “postcard-skyline”. Kowloon seems to be regarded as scary by most clueless foreigners, with her shady reputation and history of organized crime. Yet she is also a lot more local, charismatic, charming and authentic in the photographer’s eyes. Demeter personally considers Kowloon as the “real” Hong Kong.

All images by Andreas Demeter