Makin’ Moves – A Short by Kouhei Nakama

Surreal, unreal, glitchy! Kouhei Nakama’s new video transforms the human form into rubbery geometric abstractions and mind-bendingly fun to watch.

Hyper-real scans of seemingly regular people are being contortioned, warped disarticulated and more in the new animated short video. Nakama is a visual art director who is known for combining animation with biological and mathematical concepts. His 3D models of people dressed like they’re on a sitcom are inherently linked to the BPM of the soundtrack, which is provided by Broke for Free. Thus they are transforming into surreal geometric abstractions, creating almost kaleidoscopic designs out of limbs. The dance track behind it is fun without ever taking the focus away from the clip.

Nakama has previously worked with Lexus, the Tokyo Olympics, Louis Vuitton and many more. Nakama is no stranger to applying his distinctive animations to high-end clients.

via [colossal]