Kyosuke Tchinai’s Surreal and Captivating Paintings

Kyosuke Tchinai came up with his unique style of fusing Japanese and western painting in the 1980s. His enigmatic canvases combine the sensuality of the female form with traditional Japanese motifs. Tchinai creates a fascinating visual world that sits between the ethereal, the imaginary and the real.

Tchinai was born in Namikata Ohchi, in Japan, in 1948. He studied fine art at the National University of Fine Arts and Music in Tokyo, and received the “Excellence Price” at the Japanese young artists’ exhibition in 1988. The artist comes from the smallest and least visited of the five main Japanese islands. Perhaps that accounts for the tranquility and mysticism of his paintings which feature flowers, butterflies and dreamy-faced women in kimonos.

Tchinai’s diverse influences, from Gustav Klimt to Katsushika Hokusai, are reflected in his rich and colorful paintings. In several pieces, butterflies and waves reminiscent of Hokusai’s woodblock prints are viewed amidst giant moonscapes accentuated with gold and platinum leaf.

Tchinai’s most recent exhibitions include Utopian World and Autumn Bliss, both exhibited with Gallery Elena Shchukina. More works from these series can be found on the gallery’s website.