Hamburg Minimal by Visual Artist Ali Sahba

The city of Hamburg, Germany, is endowed with a cosmopolitan architecture. The wide array of buildings seem to spark the creative minds of photographers. “Hamburg Minimal” a photography project by Ali Sahba, visual artist and motion design student based in Hamburg.

Hamburg has been destroyed in large parts in the Second World War. As a result, modern and old styles fuse to form an amazing and coherent ensemble. The recent opening of the Elbphilarmonie made the city even more exciting to travel to and to explore. This is what Ali Sahba did with his Sony Alpha 7II and my lovely 35mm Zeiss lens.
After capturing the the architectural marvels, he will process the images in Lightroom and Photoshop to give them that colorful and minimalistic look.

“I’ve always described myself as a minimalist when it comes to art and design. I really enjoy creating/capturing simple things, without any addition. I like architecture photography a lot. So I tried to combine the art of minimalism and architecture photography in this project, which I know is not something new, but I wanted to try it myself. I also changed the colours to give it a painting look, so if you see the photos it may take you a few seconds to realise whether they are photographs or illustrations.”, Sahba said.