La Floraison Presents Flower Infused Jelly Cakes

Forget the Unicorn Frappucino or Rubik’s Cake, there’s a new sweet trend you need to know about, and it’s about to become Instagram gold. Flower jelly cakes are the new IT dessert on social media.

Ever heard of the raindrop cake? You’ve probably seen pictures of it while scrolling through your Instagram feed. It’s basically a cake that looks like a big raindrop. It’s translucent, calorie-free, and basically tasteless. It is mineral water and agar, a gelatinous substance that comes from seaweed, which is what gives the cake its Jello-like appearance.

The brainchild of Australian café La Floraison, these flower jelly cakes are a step up from those raindrop cakes that were all the rage on social media not too long ago. They are said to taste “slightly coconut-y.” Each one takes about 9 minutes to make, according to the hotel’s Instagram page. They are available in various colors (orange, blue, yellow) and flowers, but perhaps none quite as dreamy as the pink.

At La Floraison, however, even the darn spoon is beautiful. They give you an intricately carved sakura flower spoon to match the blossom in your dessert. Because something so stunning can’t just be eaten with a regular spoon.