The Surreal Tableaux of Vinicius Costa

Vinicius Costa plays with surrealism, colors and prints to give life to a bewitching and mystical universe. It is not surprising that Empire of the Sun chose this artist for the visuals of their song High and Low. The result is a journey into a joyful and psychedelic imagination.

For years, Vinicius Costa has been developing his artistic voice by crafting fantastically detailed surreal scenes. Like CG mashups of Magritte, Salvador Dalí and a dash of Max Ernst, Costa’s works are elegantly composed postcards from dreamworlds where machine-like architecture mingles with exotic organic objects.

“When the band approached us to create this video, we were very excited to build on this relationship. They wanted a psychedelic film with a strong connection to nature to visually, yet indirectly, represent the mind-bending journey; however, they were open to our ideas on execution.” said Vinicius Costa.