Ghost Furniture Collection Is Made From Smooth Carved Cement

Brooklyn-based designer Fernando Mastrangelo is known for his experimental sculptural pieces. In the past, Mastrangelo has worked with sand, rock and salt, all handcrafted into conceptual furniture. For his latest collection which is entitled “Ghost”, the designer uses a new studio process of digitally rendering pure white cement to create the colossal pieces.

The modern furniture design series Ghost, was recently introduced at Collective Design. Mastrangelo’s works emphasize precision and restraint in minimal, geometric pieces. After more than 10 years of experimentation casting unusual materials, Mastrangelo developed a new technique. For this series, he worked with a robotic arm to make a dining table, a coffee table, and a console. The pieces are large, heavy, and perfectly smooth, they emulate the gravity of nature with the softness of carved cement.

Photography by Voiid Studio