A Fine Art Photography Powerhouse – The New Phase One IQ3 100MP Achromatic

Today, Phase One is introducing their latest step forward into the world of black and white: the Phase one IQ3 100MP Achromatic medium format back. This back attaches to Phase One’s cameras and integrates into the rest of their system. The IQ3 100MP Achromatic, which is manufactured without a Bayer filter, does not record any color information which allows “all available light to be captured unaltered and unobstructed.”

The camera only shoots in black and white, and it costs $50,000. Yes, only black and white photos. Yes it costs 100x more than your smartphone.

According to Phase One, having no recorded color information frees the sensor to “focus solely on capturing the highest level of detail, nuance, and luminance.” Further, Phase One Vice President of Marketing and Product Management Stefan Sandor said: “The IQ3 100MP Achromatic enables photographers to capture a timeless expression. The detail, tonality, and image quality must be experienced first-hand, as seeing is not only believing, but truly inspirational.”

The Phase one IQ3 100MP Achromatic medium format back sports a CMOS sensor with an ISO that tops out at 51,200. The previous achromatic medium format digital back, the IQ2 60MP Achromatic, only has a top ISO of 3,200. This will prove to be very interesting what new kinds of images will be possible when this gets into artists’ hands. The IQ3 also lacks an infrared cut-off filter, so it can capture light outside of what you can normally see – it’s the ultimate medium format option for fine art, portrait, landscape and architecture photographers.

The IQ3 100MP Achromatic costs $49,990, with a free lens from the Schneider Kreuznach Blue Ring prime lens series worth up to $6,990. Or you can get the XF IQ3 100MP Achromatic bundle, which includes an XF Camera Body and free lens for $54,990. If you’re interested in learning more about the announcement, head over to the Phase One website.