Geometric Architecture Photography of Valencia

Photographer Joel Filipe, based in Madrid, presents us beautiful new pictures of the architecture of Valencia.

Photographers like Joel Filipe remind us, from time to time, that we can find beauty in virtually any architecture that surrounds us. The city of arts and science, Valencia, is one of the most reviled architectural cities of Spain. This is something that is known throughout the country. And yet photographer Filipe enchants with his images from the city.

The photographer proposes that we should rather enjoy the geometric patterns and the peculiar and unique shapes found throughout the city. The city of Valencia is immensely oversaturated with buildings that lack functionality and are just built for the sake of being extravagant.

In a city where one can find an ubiquitous amount of white buildings, with vast arrays of windows and where concrete rules supreme, Filipe finds the subtle beauty of geometry where ever he decides to point his camera.