Stunning Treehouse M by lanD Studio Built in the Quiet Forest Canopy

Rising in Mount Qiyun in the eastern Chinese province of Anhui, Treehouse M by lanD Studio delivers impressively on its name. Designed as a tranquil getaway for couples, the structure is raised high up into the treetops, appearing to float right in their midst.

Treehouse M was designed by Cambridge graduates Andong Lu and Pingping Dou of lanD studio, to provide couples an intimate and cozy space. While designing the structure the designers paid special attention to provide their guests with a certain level of privacy. The tree house carefully negotiates full immersion into the natural park’s landscape. In order to minimize the construction impact on the site and shorten the build time, the architects prefabricated the series of steel and timber modular frames comprising the structure.

The structure Treehouse M is carefully constructed high amid the treetops, on a slope of Mount Qiyun. The constructive elements they used to build the structure are only made of timber wood and steel. For building the exteriors of the treehouse, they used beautiful traditional Chinese designs with contemporary interpretation. The inverted roof structure forming a gentle M looks stunning when you see the treehouse from a fair distance.

Starting from the ground, the structure is placed on thick timber pedestals. The wooden walkway leads to the entry area where spaced frames form a semi-covered portico.  On the one side of the house you will find an spacious, 30m2 balcony featuring a bathtub concealed by a wooden structure. Linear windows along the wooden walls immerse the interior to the greenery outside, made private through the use of light curtains. A glass wall provides a stunning view down to the lush valley and the mountains beyond.

Nothing is more exciting than living in a luxury treehouse constructed in a dense mountain forest with your soulmate. The couples who’ll stay in this charming rental escape will surely going to enjoy the privacy and splendid scenery of Qiyun Mountain.

All Images by Bowen Hou

via [designboom]