Japanese Cherry Blossoms Bloom in This Beautiful Drone Shot Timelapse

It’s spring in Japan and the country is known the world over for their cherry blossom trees. Spring in Japan is almost synonymous with the beautiful flowering trees. Tourism soars during this time where the Japanese traditionally enjoy the transient beauty of flowers. Enter freelance cameraman Jack Johnston. He created this video showing landscapes in Japan. As the drone flies over them, cherry blossoms suddenly fade into view.

The advances in drone automation over the last few years have opened up all sorts of doors. Pre-planned flight paths, GPS locks, and waypoints offer the closest thing to aerial motion control we’ve seen. One can run near identical flights over and over. It has provided a host of new opportunities for filmmakers. Especially those who want to show the passage of time. This video isn’t a timelapse in the traditional sense. It’s not simply showing the time sped up. It’s a blending from one time to another. Filmed as part of a sequence for the BBC’s Springwatch Special, it shows cherry blossom trees in Japan bursting into colour.

The end result is truly a work of art. Not just the cherry blossoms, but all the work that goes into capturing the footage. To see more of Jack’s work, you can check out his Facebook page.