Deconstructed Hamburg Architecture by Carsten Witte

The photographer Carsten Witte latest project deals with architecture. “Deconstruction” is the name of the series of photographs for which Witte photographs buildings in particular cities and then manipulates them. Hamburg Deconstruction is a series of experimental architecture shots captured by the German photographer.

While traveling to amazing places, the German photographer is producing different views of the characteristic architecture of different cities around the globe. After places such as Copenhagen, Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, London, Munich, Berlin, Sydney, Frankfurt, Milan, and New York City, Carsten Witte has recently published a new ‘Deconstruction’ series based on his hometown, Hamburg. Due to skillfully editing and numerous layering effects, Carsten Witte creates a completely different, somehow deconstructed look of the city’s typical architecture. This way, he produces semi-abstract architectural photographs of iconic buildings and random facades.

Between the famous Elbphilarmonie recently inaugurated, the Hafen City subway station or the Ministry of Urban Development & Environment, all the buildings and architectural curiosities are photographed in this stunning series entitled Hamburg Deconstruction.

Witte was born in Hamburg in 1964 and has been a photographer since the 1980s. He became a freelance photographer in 1989. Since 1995 he has had his own studio. Since then, his work has appeared in numerous publications such as GQ and Vogue.

All images by Carsten Witte