Tranquil Black and White Moving Collages by Ana Rita Ramos

Black and white images have a certain poetry to them that colored photos often do not. It is for this reason that the artist Ana Rita Ramos exclusively used monochrome illustrations to compile her collage series “Black Edition”.

The image composites consist of static images, mostly showing people, and moving GIFs. What is special is that both media are usually seamlessly integrated into one another. For example, a black ink line winds along the silhouette of a young lady. Delicate, feminine and favouring the subtle, Ana’s GIFs are the opposite of the bombastic digital art we’re used to.
The artist created collages, but didn’t want them to be static. In her mind, they should show or give sensations of movement. So, she created “motion collages” inspired by what nature makes us feel when we are in touch with it.Each visual is designed to slow down the moment, offering a kind of meditative experience that shows that digital art can be just as textured and experiential as analogue.

The 26-year-old Ramos comes from Portugal and currently lives in the capital of the country, in Porto. At the ESAD Matosinhos school of art and design, she graduated in Bachelor of Arts in 2011 where she studied interior design. After five months in New York, she returned to Porto, where she now works for the fashion label The CFM as a designer and social media manager. Her artworks have received several awards.