Mitchel Wu Creates Crazy Stories with Practical Toy Photos

Photographing action figures to create interesting narratives is not new to us but it doesn’t make it less fun and impressive. The photographer Mitchel Wu freezes peculiar and funny moments in time that shine a whole different light on the characters he uses in his photoshoots.

Mitchel Wu’s photos show action frozen in time, but he doesn’t add the objects in Photoshop. Everything you see is created in the scene and in real time. So, it’s real water and coffee splashes, real “flying” objects, and even real fire! A look at his past work will make you think that he’s been doing toy photography for a long time now. On the contrary, he only started in 2015 when his nephew introduced him the idea. But before that he had a seven year career as a wedding photographer.

“I really try to push the story aspects and come up with different ideas and hopefully have the techniques or effects to support it,” Wu said. “If I can capture emotion and some sense of motion, which is like an illusion, and a good idea, then I feel like I’m going to like it a lot.”

His Instagram photos drew attention from companies like The Walt Disney Co., Pixar, Mattel and The LEGO Group who have all featured his photos as well. For more of his awesome work, give him a follow on Instagram and like his Facebook page.

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