Iconic Art History Subjects in the Modern World

The collision of art history and pop culture comes alive in the digital collage of Shusaku Takaoka. We see Mona Lisa, Van Gogh and The Girl with a Pearl Earring, hanging out, flaunting the Vogue cover and doing more regular day stuff as true hipsters. If only our world could be this arty.

Japanese graphic designer Shusaku Takaoka specialises in bringing this art mix between reality and fantasy to life, and he does it with pure wit. The artist uses his keen photo manipulation skills to take some of the world’s most iconic paintings and fuse them with the gritty urban environment. The results are cool and hilarious.

Takaoka imagines a whole new life for these people, they transcend their original paintings and become the type of hip folks you’d easily find strutting down the street or chilling on the subway.

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