1969 Camaro by Timeless Kustoms

As far the American muscle is concerned, few builds resonate like the Chevy Camaro. It is one of the most iconic muscle cars in America´s automobile history, but this remarkable restoration by Timeless Kustoms really stands out from the crowd.

The Camaro was bought by major league baseball pitcher Brad Penny, of ‘the Dodgers’, with the intention of having it fine-tuned by Timeless Kustoms. The talented team then modernized this 1969 Chevrolet Camaro by adding a twin-turbocharged 380ci LSX V8 engine that is cranking out 750 horsepower and a slew of other all-black-everything modifications ranging from a new chassis to a new solid-axle rear suspension.

In order to improve the overall aesthetic of the vehicle, as well as aerodynamics, Timeless shaved off the drip rails and tucked the bumper tight to the body. The bespoke rear wing and undercar diffuser then help keep the car firmly planted on the ground, while the set of extractors integrated to the hood aid in pulling heat through the intercoolers. Lastly for the eye-catching exterior, the shop went with an aggressive black finish based on BMW’s “sparkling graphite.”

The interior now features a Marquez Design dash clustered with analog auto meter gauges, tracking almost every function on the car, while a sparco steering wheel finishes off the ensemble. The interior upholstery has a single piece suede headliner, and accu-mat sound deadening, to help bring the sonorous engine roar to an acceptable level.

There’s no way you could call this murdered out Pro Touring behemoth a sleeper and is just a beauty to look at.