Beautifully Designed Lamps by D’Armes Luminaires

D’Armes Luminaires exhibited their RA Pendant and RA Wall lamps at ‘sense-me’ by SBODIO32 during Milan Design Week.

Located in the Lambrate Design District, a true nursery of young design talent, SBODIO32 houses an independent exhibition project that aims to interact with the public through a series of events, performances and workshops.

D’Armes Luminaires’ lighting is the picture of minimalism. The design disguises a complex composition based on noble materials such as glass, brass or bronze. Neon has long evoked images of harsh, white commercial lighting or bright, coloured flashy signs in the dark. D’Armes Luminaires gave it a new use by distinctively shaping it to become the centrepiece of warm and luxurious lighting design.

The RA Pendant, modern with simple lines, is suspended by silicon cables at a slight angle. Mounted above a table, its warm light conjures memories of an evening around a campfire. The suspension lighting system is 112 cm wide and of adjustable length and is available in white or a matt black with details in natural or oxidized brass.

The RA Wall participates in its surroundings by playing with contrasts, shadows and reflections. The circular neon tube emits a bright light that reflects softly on the wall. A solid bronze disc eclipses a part of the light and draws in the hues of the setting. The RA Wall lamp is 25.5 cm wide and 86 cm long.

Seductive and exceptional, RA lighting emits a hypnotic luminosity and aura.