Only a Millionaire Can Afford This Gold Darth Vader Helmet

If you’re a very, very wealthy geek who’s into Star Wars, get your checkbook ready. A one-of-a-kind solid gold Darth Vader mask is going on sale for ¥154 million (about €1,3 million).

Jeweller Ginza Tanaka on Tuesday showcased the 15-kg sculpture, which has been commissioned to mark the 40th anniversary this year of the release of Star Wars. The mask will be available for purchase on May 4 — a date known among fans as ‘Star Wars Day’ because of its similarity to one of the franchise’s most famous lines: “May the Force be with you.”

The jeweler will also offer a commemorative plaque featuring three small oval coins made of pure gold and a replica “Star Wars” poster from the film’s release 40 years ago. The plaque’s suggested sale price is ¥1.22 million (about €10000). Only 77 copies will be available.
The helmet will be on display until May 6 on the third floor of Tokyo’s Ginza Tanaka store “for the delight of fans,” said the company’s public relations manager Ayako Inoue.