An Abandoned Church Converted Into an Impressive Skate Park Thanks to Street Art

Kaos Temple is an example that the urban spirit has no limits and all spaces can be transformed using creativity. What until a few years ago was an old abandoned church in the town of Llanera (Asturia) is today a real skatepark.

An Asturian church that was converted into a skate track has received a new coat of paint from the Asturian urban artist Okuda San Miguel. Through crowdfunding the Church Brigade group raised money to transform this church into a temple for skaters. In addition, they received support from Red Bull, who also helped them to carry out the project.

With influences from Max Ernst, René Magrite, Salvador Dalí, Takashi Murakami and Yayoi Kusama, as well as traditional Indian, Mexican and African art, San Miguel considers his work in the church to be the most important one he has done so far. “When I do a job like this, my heart can only convey good vibes to the public.”

Okuda painted much of the church with the colorful geometric shapes that characterize his work. In addition, several heads of people and animals with galactic eyes, and some other skull, surround the space and the skaters.

It is an incredible initiative that shows that art can conquer the abandoned places that were left behind.