Pam Pam is Hypnotizing the Internet with her Magical Eyes

Pam Pam is a cat unlike any other. Although there are a fair few internet famous kitties out there, only few are quite as unique or adorable as Pam Pam who has something called heterochromia iridis. The condition that effects the iris of the eyes and often leads them to be different colours.

The condition can be caused by mutation, genetics, and inbreeding. When it’s inherited, it is harmless and is nothing more than a beautiful abnormality to the eyes. In certain cat breeds it’s highly desirable and judging by Pam Pam’s adorable looks it’s easy to see why.

These pictures are almost too cute to be true. If you are a cat lover or even just someone who appreciates unique and distinctive animals of all kinds, this is a perfect story to pass along to your friends and family members.

Pam Pam has grown a large following on social media for her beautiful eyes and you can check her out on Instagram.

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