Elisa Mearelli Carefully Cuts Paper into Detailed Layers To Create Stunning Art

In her most recent series “La pietra e la piuma”, the Italian artist Elisa Mearelli presents a collection of three-dimensional paper art that plays elegantly with light and space. The artwork is made by taking delicately cut paper and laminating it layer by layer. Each paper box puts a sculptural spin on conventional cut paper art.

Elisa Mearelli was born in Italy in 1984. Coming from Fabriano, an Italian reference point for paper, she wanted to honor the tradition of her origins by treating paper not as a support medium to cover with the color, but as the true protagonist of the work.

The creations that comprise La pietra e la piuma range from abstract, experimental designs to more figurative scenes of nature. Using multiple sheets of paper, the artist is able to fabricate a sense of perspective by creating compositions that appear to recede into the distance and “sink into a dream.”

“My latest works can interact with the light around them,” said Mearelli. “The shadow and the light areas inside them will change during the day as it changes the sunlight that seeps inside.”


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