Mimi Choi and her mind blowing Makeup Illusions

The Instagram account of the 31-year-old makeup artist Mimi Choi from Vancouver is mind blowing! She posts photos of herself in absolutely surreal and bizarre makeup. The elaborate makeup looks so deceptively real, we had to look at least twice to see that this is really about makeup and not Photoshop.

Mimi Choi is a makeup artist, but in reality the Canadian is an absolute magician. She can create optical illusions with the power of makeup. In the end, her creations look like they have sprung from a wild fantasy world.

The artist needs up to five hours to complete one of her signature looks.

Her Instagram features a wide collection of makeup art that isn’t just ordinary beauty, but works that will leave you astonished, baffled and tripping out all at the same time. Each one of her posts shows just how amazing makeup is and the endless possibilities it can create.