Installation Transforms Restaurant into Immersive Dining Experience

A new food/art installation in Tokyo is offering a multi-sensory eating experience that combines delicate Japanese cuisine with stunning projections and sound. The art collective teamLab‘s newest piece enhances the dining experience of guests at Tokyo’s Sagaya restaurant.

The exclusive eatery allows just eight customers a day, who will now immerse themselves in an interactive dining experience. The multi-sensory event draws on taste, smell, and the beauty of Japan as an ever-changing table bounces with imagery created especially for each course.

When a dish is placed on the table, the world contained within the dish is unleashed, unfolding onto the table and into the surrounding space. The worlds unleashed from each dish connect in the external space creating a new larger world and are affected by the other dishes on the table. The world is constantly changing from moment to moment and no two moments are alike.

The immersive space combines elegant cuisine and ceramic art with real-time projections that canvas the restaurant’s walls and tables.