The Monsieur de Chanel: Chanel’s First Dedicated Men’s Watch

Last year, Chanel released The Monsieur de Chanel Caliber 1 watch, which was well received by luxury watch collectors. Following the release of the Caliber 1, Chanel introduces the Monsieur de Chanel Limited Edition in platinum. Powered by the same Caliber 1 movement, the platinum version isn’t that much different to its predecessor in its build.

The strength of this watch is that it houses an impressive movement, which was developed by Romain Gauthier. Where the dial is pleasantly straightforward, the movement shows a circular architecture that is just beautiful! Different from anything else out there, it utilizes a very high-end finish with various textures.

The design of the watch is very Chanel. It is crafted in the “less is more” style favored by Coco Chanel herself. The Monsieur de Chanel is Chanel’s first dedicated men’s watch and certainly first with complication, and what makes that even more important is that it was designed and built completely in-house.

The most noticeable difference is the limited edition watch featuring a black enamel dial, giving it a luxury look. The movement is housed by a 40mm platinum case with a sapphire caseback, which beautifully showcases the inner workings of the watch. It has a three-day power reserve from one barrel. It wears wonderfully at 40mm wide by 10mm thick. The Monsieur de Chanel is limited to a series of just 100 pieces and will retail for $63,000.