Enigmatic Kinetic Sculpture by Casey Curran

Casey Curran’s art has a life of its own. The kinetic sculptures may be made of metal, but they depict organisms that flutter with movement through a hand crank or a motor. The Seattle-based artist constructs elaborate kinetic sculptures primarily of brass wire that twist, bloom, flip, or wiggle depending on the subject.

The latest work from Curran, “Bequeath these Seeds,” was featured in the Bellevue Arts Museum’s biennial show, “Metalmorphosis”. The artist initially drew his inspiration from Alexander Calder, the inventor of the mobile, but now his influences seem to come from daily life.

Some pieces rely on a motorized mechanism, but most of his artworks function with the help of a single hand crank that brings the piece to life. The spellbinding allure of Curran’s brass art pieces really captivates the onlooker.