This is not your average hipster fixie

Form follows function is something we often hear people say. Well, it couldn’t be any more true for this special track bike. The bike’s aesthetic is purely based on the assumption that this will max out the performance on the track. The Pluma is a Track Bike, focusing on being immensely resistant to stress, force, and pressure while minimizing drag.

The frame of the track bike is crafted completely out of carbon fiber, at the center is a PVC foam core. The rear wheel is entirely encased, this allows the bike to be very aerodynamically efficient. The handlebar dips below the seat of the driver. This is quite common for track bikes, it allows the riders to be in a good racing position.

The Pluma Bike is basically your run of the mill fixie driven by any good hipster, but on steroids. The track bike has only one gear, just like a fixie would have. But due to safety issues the bike does not have any brakes. This is mandatory for track bikes. The track bikes get up to really high speeds and they drive really close to another. If one would have a brake, that could jeopardize all riders and could result in a crash.

The Pluma Bike was designed by Nono Teixeira.