IKEA introduces Smart Lighting for the Masses

The easiest entry into the smart home world is through a smart light bulb. By literally just changing a bulb, you can start controlling lighting wirelessly with your smartphone. Ikea certainly got the memo and is expanding its home tech offerings with a new line of smart lighting called Trådfri.

Smart lightbulbs are one of the most convenient ways to connect your house to the Internet of Things. The Trådfri starter kit costs about €85 and includes two white bulbs that can be controlled with an app on your phone or by a remote. The bulbs, which can be adjusted to shine either warm or cool white light, will cost between €20 and €25. A wireless sensor kit will also be available for €30. One kit lets you change from cold to warm white light in three clicks and from a “strong and clear” light to a “soft and subtle” one. Another dimmer, which comes in black, white, or yellow and can be hung on the wall or carried around the house, lets you toggle between a strong and subtle light.

“Easy dimming is our starting point and simplicity is key for the many people,” says Björn Block, Business leader for IKEA Home Smart. “Therefore we believe that a pre-paired bulb and wireless remote is a great starting point enabling dimming of any lamp in your home, without requiring any installation or downloading of an app.” That being said, of course you can control your lights via a dedicated app. The free Trådfri Android and iOS app controls the lights, creates personalized settings, and includes a timer feature.

In a further merging of tech and furniture, the Trådfri line also includes smart light doors and panels that can help increase a sense of daylight indoors. The Surte light doors fits right onto Ikea’s Bestå cabinets and the Jormlien light doors on to Sektion kitchen cabinets. The Floalt light panels, available in three sizes, can be mounted on the wall and ceiling.