Bugatti releases a bike that you probably can’t afford

Bugatti has just recently launched their new hypercar, the Bugatti Chiron. Priced at a moderate €2,4 million, the company decided to have a few Chiron inspired accessories to go along with the launch. One of these is this particularly mad bicycle.

Bugatti has teamed up with German luxury bikemaker PG to create the lightest urban bicycle ever created. The PG Bugatti bike is a flat-bar hybrid that’s said to come in below 5kg, this is achieved through a 95 percent carbon fibre construction to keep the weight down. The bicycle is a belt driven single speed and the frame cross sections are aerodynamically optimized for high speeds, and a shock absorption bar has been added to keep the ride firm and rigid.

Chiron owners can ensure that their singlespeed doesn’t clash with their beloved cars, that’s thanks to numerous colour combos that presumably coordinate nicely with the Chiron colour charts.

But all of this effort is not so you can take your bike on your daily commute or to just have a quick drive to pick something up or whatever. Bugatti notes that the bike “is a piece of sports equipment which is not intended to be used on public roads.” A shame really….

The bike will be sold later this year for a price of $39,000 and will have a limited production of 667 units.