Montblanc Unveil their first Smartwatch

The race to combine old-school luxury brands with modern technology is well and truly on.
For quite some time luxury goods makers have been trying to get their foot in the market of smart devices. Montblanc has just announced their interpretation of luxury and functionality.

The Montblanc Summit is the company’s first venture into the digital timekeeping world, bringing with it some of the expertise Montblanc has for crafting mechanical timepieces. The features list of the Summit smartwatch covers just about everything. There’s the standard activity-tracker and a heart-rate monitor. But there’s also a healthy roster of Android applications available to download straight to the watch (which is compatible with Android 4.3 devices or higher and iOS9 phones or higher)—including Facebook and Twitter, as well as Google Maps with step-by-step guidance. There’s WiFi, Bluetooth, and 4GB of on-board memory. One can reply to messages with an application that allows you to draw a response and have it translated to text.

Its dial is made up of a high-contrast touch screen that’s covered in a traditional curved sapphire glass, giving it a more classic look. This alone seriously separates it from the pack, so even though it runs standard Android Wear 2.0 software, the casing and quality Montblanc invested into its design is simply stellar. The watch also comes preinstalled with some Montblanc watchfaces echoing its most iconic mechanical designs.

The Summit Smartwatch will be available on Mr Porter in American and European markets in May, retailing for €890 (around $955)—before expanding globally to Montblanc boutiques and their e-commerce shop. The forthcoming Chinese iteration will not be powered by Android technology.