The Magical Landscape of Guilin in China

This mountainous landscape spans the Li River and sometimes overlooked by an intense sun that comes tinting colors twilight landscape for our great wonder.

The area around Guilin and Yangshuo is one of China’s favorite foreign tourist and backpacker destinations. The area is renowned for its mountain and river scenery and natural areas.

Guilin is located on the banks of the Li River in the middle of a karst mountain range in the north of the Guangxi. The picturesque water and mountainsides of Guilin have been praised from all over the world since ancient times. There is an old literary saying in China: “Guilin’s hills and water are best under heaven” (桂林山水甲天下)

Everywhere in Guilin you can see unusual mountain peaks and bizarre stone caves. The green mountains, crystal clear waters, karst caves and charming rocks shape the characteristics of the landscape of Guilin. The cone-shaped mountains here, rising directly from the open plain, are not particularly tall, but have an abundance of strangely shaped rocks and countless enigmatic karst caves.

The river landscape is the most beautiful of the Guilin landscapes. Therefore a boat trip on the Li River is the highlight of a Guilin trip.

The Guilin mountains are a paradise for photographers. Endowed with picturesque natural landscapes and colorful ethnic minorities, Guilin offers a lot of wonderful photographic opportunities.