Nike is by far the Most Valuable Apparel Brand in the World

In news that should surprise no one, Nike has retained its position as the most valuable apparel brand in the world for 2017.

Each year, Brand Finance, a valuation and strategy consultancy, ranks the most valuable brands. Brand Finance takes into account sales, market share, global reputation, marketing investment, and employee satisfaction when ranking the world’s most valuable apparel brands.

Nike saw a 13 percent rise in brand value over last year to $32 billion, which is unsurprising given some of the successful and inclusive launches it’s had recently. These included the self-lacing “Back to the Future” sneakers, a plus-size activewear line and announcement of plans for a high-performance hijab for Muslim athletes. The athletic brand is followed by two massive fast-fashion retailers: H&M ($19 billion) and Zara ($14.4 billion).

Here are the current 10 most valuable apparel brands:

1. Nike — $32 billion
2. H&M — $19 billion
3. Zara — $14.4 billion
4. Louis Vuitton — $13 billion
5. Adidas — $10 billion
6. Uniqlo — $9.6 billion
7. Hermes — $8.3 billion
8. Rolex — $7 billion
9. Gucci — $6.8 billion
10. Cartier — $6.7 billion