“Pipes” by German Photographer Robert Götzfried

Photographer Robert Götzfried was born and raised into a catholic household in the south of Germany. Since childhood he has been captivated by organs in churches. With his series “Pipes” he is exploring the monumental instruments in their sacral habitat.

For his series he was granted access to 20 churches in southern Germany. The church organ has long held a special place in the minds of people. A single organ is already impressive, but seeing this many side by side that differ vastly in size and design, it is hard to believe that it is even the same musical device. Large organs like inside of churches determine the effect of the space in which they are placed and immediately demand the attention of the visitor. The design of organs we commonly associate today have their roots in the Renaissance and even more so from the Baroque period.

The organ has become a permanent place in the worldwide church in every worship service and has thus become the embodiment of sacred music.

all images by Robert Götzfried